How to upgrade the Anka Virtualization package
Upgrading the Build Cloud too? Check out our upgrade procedure for the Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry
We do not follow strict semantic versioning; minor and major version increases can have significant changes

Pre-upgrade Considerations

Existing VersionTarget VersionRecommendation

Upgrade Procedure

1. Download and install the latest version

2. Upgrade VM addons

If your existing version is noted in the Pre-Upgrade Considerations as requiring an addons upgrade, or, if you’re going between major/minor versions of Anka:

  1. Upgrade the guest addons inside existing VM templates with anka start -vu. This opens the VM desktop in a viewer window and allows you to manually launch and install the addons package.
  2. Push the newly upgraded VM templates to registry with anka registry push {vmNameOrUUID} --tag <newTag>